Bridal Party Expectations - Who Pays What?

Are you confused as to who pays for what at your wedding? Read our article to help ease the frustration!
Engagement party, check. Pinterest board, check. Bridal party, check. Budget… yikes!

The start of your wedding planning journey can force some unwelcome realisations on you, like flowers are how expensive?

It costs how much to feed that many people?

My dream dress is the most expensive in the store? And the realisations keep coming.

So, you start looking for areas to cut back on costs and use your budget more efficiently.

These days, it has become quite common for the bridal party to share some or all the cost of being part of the wedding.

But what is acceptable?

Well, there isn’t really an answer to that question, because, quite honestly, it is completely up to you – being your wedding and all. Usually, the bridal party covers the cost of the bridal shower and bachelorette party, but there is a bit of a grey area when it comes to all the other elements.

Traditionally, brides are expected to cover all costs for their bridal party, as they are the ones who have asked them to be part of their day. Whilst this is a wonderful gesture, you need to consider all the items that go into this – outfit, accessories, shoes, makeup, hair, bouquets and any other specific requests that fit into your vision. Multiply that by how many in the bridal party, and this can equate to a large chunk of the budget.

Others opt for more of a compromise, with the bride covering some parts of the day, such as the outfit, shoes, and bouquet and asking the bridesmaid to pay for other parts, like makeup and hair. Paying for the outfit is especially useful if there is a certain style or outfit you have your heart set on, but it may be out of the bridesmaid’s budget or comfort zone.

Alternatively, the bridal party can pay for everything, which albeit isn’t received too favourably by some, but may be necessary for a bride to be able to afford other things at their wedding. If you are considering this, keep in mind the other expenses that the bridal party may be already covering, like the bridal shower, bachelorette party and the wedding gift.

Essentially it all comes down to your budget and your preferences. It is always a good idea to plan out the costs first, before committing to a certain number of bridesmaids or specific people. The key to managing this successfully with your bridal party though, is communication. Money can be an awkward topic for some, but being open and transparent about the expectations from the start is always the best way to go!

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