10 Quirky Wedding Favours That Your Guests Will Adore

Give a thank-you gift that is a little out of the ordinary - and that your guests will actually use!

Providing your guests with a little gift in the form of a wedding favour or bomboniere is a great way to show your appreciation and give them something to remember the occasion by. All too often though, these little mementos are left behind, or taken home and stored in the back of a cupboard, never to be seen again.

So, we put together a list of unique and quirky little gifts that will really impress your guests!

1. Mini Succulents

These are such a cool idea for so many reasons - aside from adding some greenery to your table arrangements, these eco-friendly gifts are super easy to DIY! Any luscious green plant will look fantastic, however, succulents are hardy plants that are incredibly easy to maintain, so they are generally the best option. If you aren’t the greenest of thumbs though, you can purchase mini potted succulents locally.

2. Acrylic/Bamboo Place Cards

A gorgeous new trend has emerged in laser-cut place cards for your guests. These can be made from bamboo, acrylic or mirror, and be printed in a variety of fonts, making them totally versatile in any theme. Even better, they double as an elegant wedding favour for your guests!

Unless you actually have the equipment to cut them, this is one wedding favour that should probably be outsourced – we are absolutely loving these ones from local WA company Foote and Flame.

3. Mini Hangover Kits

Nothing says “we want you to have a great night” (or “yes, there is on open bar”) more than these mini hangover kits! Filled with super useful items to aid your guests' recovery the next morning, these are definitely a wedding favour that will not be left behind.

There are plenty of pre-made kits available to purchase on Etsy; however, this is probably one of the easiest wedding favours to DIY. Grab some gum, mints, coffee, water, band aids, lip balm, Berocca, chocolate… or whatever tickles your fancy and pop them into a box or bag, ready for your guests.

4. Tea Leaves

As loose-leaf tea lovers, this idea really captures our attention. Pick your absolute favourite tea blend – or mix your own – and divide it out amongst the bottle or container of your choice. Attach a customised label or tag, and voilà! Gorgeous and useful wedding favours.

You can find empty jars and customised tags on Etsy, or if you prefer to purchase them pre-made, these cute test tubes full of loose leaf tea from MYMIMISTAR in Queensland are one of our favourites!

5. Mini Alcohol Shot

Let’s be honest; guests do love weddings for the free food and alcohol (no matter what anyone tells you!). So, why not take it up a notch and provide mini alcohol shots as wedding favours! These are a great little DIY project - all you need are little empty bottles, which you can find on Etsy, and fill them up with your favourite drink. Print or write a little tag, attach them to the bottles, and you have yourself a little thank you gift that your guests will love.

Have children or guests who don’t drink? No problems! Fill up their bottles with popping candy, sherbet or an energy drink – anything fun and delicious really.

6. Charity Donation

Still not committed to spending extra cash on wedding favours? Then why don’t you use the money that you were going to spend and instead donate it to the charity (or charities) of your choice? This is a great way to ensure that your money is not going to waste, and creates awareness of your chosen cause to a greater number of people.

7. Personalised Coasters

Whilst you may not automatically think of coasters making a cool and contemporary gift, these are actually a great little personalised keepsake for your guests - with the added benefit of doubling as a place card!

You can be as creative as you like with the material and design of the coasters – from engraved bamboo, to etched marble, or even acrylic. We love these beautiful marble coasters from WA-based ChalknCo that are modern and sophisticated.

8. Honey Jar

We always love the idea of showcasing homemade gifts as wedding favours, especially when it is all about local products. Local honey is no exception! Get some little jars from Etsy, print some cute tags or labels, and then fill with your favourite local honey. It will be a useful – and delicious – gift that your guests will want to take home. Oh, and you can also tie in super cute little lines on your labels like “So sweet of you to bee here” or “Spread the love” or “Love is sweet” or “Meant to bee”!

9. Infused Olive Oil

Another delicious and useful wedding favour for your guests is infused olive oil. If you are keen to DIY, you can source your favourite olive oil and infuse it yourself. Then all you need to do is fill up little bottles, pop in the herb of your choice for a bit of decoration, and attach a tag – easy! Of course, you can purchase your favourite olive oil already infused – and even add on a little pouch filled with homemade dukkah too!

10. Lollipops

Now this may seem like a strange inclusion – but hear us out! We’re not talking about your everyday lollipops bought from the supermarket – we mean bespoke, handmade lollipops that you can customise or personalise to fit whatever theme you are dreaming of.

Think glitter, pearls, tantalising flavours, bright colours, custom shapes – and you can be sure your guests will love them! We absolutely adore the handmade lollipops from Posh Lollipops in Queensland!

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